About Us

COATA was formally launched in February 2012 by HRH The Duke of York, the organisation’s Royal Patron.

It is an umbrella organisation for ATAs that supports the development of the ATA model. Our aim is to help young people into employment and assist businesses grow by taking away all the hassle involved in recruiting and training an apprentice.

COATA currently consists of 11 ATAs – see our members page for a full list.

ATA Recognition Process

There has been significant growth in the number of Apprenticeship Training Agencies (ATA) operating over the past two years. With this number looking set to increase further, the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) has added value to the strength of the ATA model by introducing a new ATA Recognition Process and a National Register of Approved ATAs which will maintain a high quality of service.

In association with the Confederation of Apprenticeship Agencies (COATA) the NAS has launched the new Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) Recognition Process from the beginning of April 2012. NAS and COATA share responsibility for ensuring compliance, and will jointly agree future changes and developments of the ATA Recognition Process.

The ATA Recognition Process will apply to existing and new ATAs in England, and requires ATAs to operate in accordance with the ATA Framework. To give existing ATAs time to prepare applications and to ensure ATAs can continue to operate from April 2012 prior to making an application for ATA Recognition there is a 6 month window in which organisations will be able to operate without recognition until 31st August 2012.

ATAs offer a unique approach to the recruitment of apprentices. They are specifically designed to support employers who wish to take on an apprentice but are currently unable to. The process is being introduced to safeguard the quality of apprenticeships delivered under the ATA model.

Benefits of becoming an Approved ATA:

  • Recognition that an ATA is providing a quality service
  • Colleges, training providers, to only contract with those ATAs which are NAS Registered or ‘ATA in Development’
  • To use and refer to ‘NAS Recognised ATA’ in marketing and promotional materials
  • ATA organisations will be published on a National Register of Approved ATAs housed on the NAS website and visited by thousands of employers, providers and candidates
  • Participate and contribute to research and development on ATAs
  • Receive latest updates from NAS regarding ATAs related activities
  • To be part of a wider network of approved ATAs through COATA

Application/registration is free. Please click on this link for details.


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