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Apprenticeships First
Apprenticeships First is an Apprenticeship Training Association (ATA) formed by Lewisham College and The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London in 2009. Both colleges hold the prestigious ‘Beacon’ status, awarded to only the country’s top training providers. The colleges have also achieved the Training Quality Standard (TQS) in recognition of excellent work with employers.

For more information visit www.apprenticeshipsfirst.com, email apprentice@conel.ac.uk or call 0800 678 3000.


Apprenticeship Training Service (ATS)
ATS, based in London, is a national organisation that covers the UK providing apprenticeships in the creative and cultural sectors. ATS has links with over 230 theatre and live music employers and 20 colleges throughout England.

For more information visit http://nsa-ccskills.co.uk, email apprenticeships@ccskills.org.uk or call 020 7015 9458.


Leicester College Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA)
This ATA is a unique Leicester College service designed to save organisations in need of new recruits – of both time and money. Rather than having to appoint a new employee, the ATA offers the easier and more cost-effective option of finding a suitable Apprentice to fill a vacancy.

For more information visit www.leicestercollege.ac.uk, email ata@leicestercollege.ac.uk or call 01162 242 240.


Logistics Apprenticeship Training Agency (LATA)
LATA, based in the West Midlands, specialises in providing logistics apprenticeship training across England. The academy also provides training in related industries – such as warehousing and supply chain management.

For more information visit www.lataacademy.com, email Sales@TTPLearn.com or call 08006 520 374.


London Apprenticeship Company (LAC)
The LAC was the first Apprenticeship Training Agency set up in the UK in 2009. LAC engages with thousands of Londoners looking for an alternative to work without training and/or formal education, helping many school and college leavers on their way to a career with prospects.

For more information visit www.londonapprenticeship.co.uk, email info@londonapprenticeship.co.uk or call 020 7963 8548.


North West Apprenticeship Company
Based in Manchester, the NWAC employs and trains apprentices in the North West.

For more information visit www.skills-solutions.org.uk  or call 01612 332 656.


South East Apprenticeship Company (SEAC)
SEAC is an innovative service for employers and apprentices and is an Apprenticeship Training Agency that operates across the south east. It aims to create 1,600 apprenticeships in the region by 2013, benefitting businesses and young people, aged 16-24.

For more information visit www.se-apprenticeship.co.uk, email info@se-apprenticeship.co.uk or call 0844 879 3239.


South West Apprenticeship Company (SWAC)
Launched in 2010, SWAC aims to help 16-24 year olds find Apprenticeships in the South West. Those within this age group are usually eligible to have training paid in full or part by the government. Companies across Gloucestershire now have a cost effective way to take on an apprentice.

For more information visit www.theswac.org.uk, email info@theswac.org.uk or call 0800 334 5767.


Vision Apprentices
Based in Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, Vision Apprentices specialises in training apprentices for the rail, logistics, manufacturing and engineering sectors.

For more information visit www.visionapprentices.co.uk, email vision.apprentices@wnc.ac.uk or call 0808 100 3626.


Yorkshire and Humberside Apprenticeship Training Agency (YHATA)
YHATA identifies opportunities and provides solutions to develop economic growth through apprenticeships across the UK. YHATA provides a tailored recruitment service to companies in Yorkshire and Humberside of all sizes in a range of sectors for apprentices aged 16 and upwards.

For more information visit www.yhata.org, email yhata@hull-college.ac.uk or call 01482 313 470.


Colour_IMPACT_Apprenticeships_LogoIMPACT Apprenticeships
The Apprenticeship Training Agency is modelled on MEGT Australia’s Apprenticeship Agency practices, the largest provider of group training in Australia. We offer a unique approach to the employment of apprentices, by assisting companies to source quality apprentices with the flexibility of supplying apprentices in peak labour demands and support with the outplacement or rotation of apprentices.

We employ our apprentices on behalf of our hosts, eliminating the stress and hassle that goes with recruitment and employment, whilst providing and managing the on-going HR and payroll. IMPACT sources and manages the apprenticeship training to ensure high quality delivery, working with all sizes of employers and across a wide range of sectors.

For more information visit www.impactapprenticeships.co.uk  or email info@impactapprenticeships.co.uk   or call 0844 332 0201



Futures Apprenticeship Agency

Based in Nottingham and operating across the East Midlands and beyond, the Futures company is a ‘not-for-profit’ company with over fifteen years experience of enterprising innovation in the advice, guidance, careers and employability sectors. With no attachment to any single Training Provider, we offer an impartial service to employers large and small, across all sectors, that aims to identify a framework that meets the needs of the employer, a Provider with a good success record for delivering that framework and an Apprentice who will complete and achieve.
We aim to make taking on an Apprentice easy and low-risk.

For more information visit http://www.futuresnn.co.uk/FAA, email apprenticeships@futuresnn.co.uk or telephone 0845 850 8899

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